Classical Vocal Music

For children from the age of 3.5 years of age, in a unique, one of a kind way!

Online Music Classes

Like having a one on one session with Stuti Chandhok, from any part of the world!

Stuti Chandhok

The founder of Madhur Mann and one of India’s First people to be trained as a Clinical Music Therapists.

"Be a Madhurmann because melodious minds are the key to a harmonious world" - Stuti Chandhok

What people say...


Simi Talwar Bhattachrjya

"I thank Stuti and Madhur Mann for introducing and giving Anya the love for music. For helping her evolve from a very shy little girl to a confident young child."  

​Mrs. Mukta Naik

"Even in the first class, I could see my daughter Aadyaa and her peers fully immersed in the class. I admire Stuti's ability to keep their undivided attention for a full hour!"

Smita Misra

"Our family cannot begin to express our gratitude for all the hard work, effort, love, and dedication shown to our child and for a wonderful start to the Music program. My daughter Shreyasi loves going to Madhur Mann. She has so much fun."